Azumino Ikeda guesthouse stands on nice place to view Japan alps, to go Azumino rural cycling, and communicate other guests from all over the world.

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managers2 Kon-nichiwa!
Thank you for your visiting our web site.
It is our 8th anniversary on July 1st, 2023. We would like to say thank you again for all guests visited here and all people supporting us.
When I opened this house, I thought " Everybody needs travel definitly on their some steps of life, and I want to support them as a guesthouse manager, and sometimes as a friendly traveller." This thought has not changed until now.
When I was young, I experienced many types of budget travel,such as long local train journey, crossing Japan with bycycle, going abroard as a backpacker. On the way, I stayed hostels and guesthouses many times, so I think I know what is necessary and what is not, for budget travel.
There is rich nature and great history in Azumino. I hope travelling here gives you some nice effect on your life. We are looking forward to meeting you here, Azumino. Arigato!
                                                                                                                                              manager Taka & sub manager Sachi
1st July, 2023       


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Azumino Ikeda Guesthouse
Azumino Ikeda Guesthouse
782-8 Nakau, Ikeda, Azumino, Nagano 399-8603, JAPAN
Telephone: 0261-85-0221(domestic) / +81-261-85-0221(overseas)